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  • intelliHR went out of their way to get a thorough understanding of the people issues we were facing and offered practical, well-researched solutions. The platform offers so much flexibility and yet is quite intuitive to use and the analytics provide so much insight, with just a few clicks of the mouse.

    Mark Young

    Mark Young

    Director People, Strategy & Facilities, Mater Foundation

  • One of the best attributes of the intelliHR team is that they readily respond to feedback, with suggested improvements implemented in upgrade releases. This included feedback from both staff and management.

    Bernard Baker

    Bernard Baker

    Chief Financial Officer, Archdiocesan Development Fund

  • The support and customer service from intelliHR and Customer Success Manager, Glenn has been phenomenal.

    Belinda Maybury

    Belinda Maybury

    HR Manager, Sheldon Commercial Interiors

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Awesome! Let's see what intelliHR can do.
We love meeting new people. Let us know your contact details so we can schedule your free demo. We respect your privacy and we will only use your details for the purpose of scheduling your demo.
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People, technology, perfection.

Every day, we strive to make people management better. The product of our efforts is intelliHR, the people management software-as-a-service we continuously develop, improve and perfect.

We are a lovable bunch of:

  • Brilliant, world-class engineers passionate about software and developing the latest technology.
  • Amazing, friendly customer success managers delivering the complete customer experience.
  • Genuine sales & marketing people committed to providing customers with real information.

Our Values:

  • Simple but excellent
  • All about the customer
  • Passionate about technology
  • Practical innovation
  • Trustworthy
Product Updates Released
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Rob Bromage

My passion is people, performance and enabling technologies. It is rewarding to see how our software is transforming businesses.

Rob Bromage

Rob is a HR Professional with 20 years in the industry. An experienced entrepreneur, Rob’s entrepreneurial flair and continuous, forward-thinking improvement is fuelled by his passion for HR and high-performing businesses. His career has centred around the field of building validated performance prediction models, developing his expertise in human capital management analytics. Rob actively researches the future of people management, which drives intelliHR’s evolution. As Founder of an HR consulting business, APRG (2004), and subsequently intelliHR (2013), he is an experienced Managing Director of leading HR and technology businesses.

Jeremy Fong

Every business is a technology business and early adoption of technology is key to success.

Jeremy Fong

Jeremy is a passionate CTO specialising in innovative tech startups. He has led successful greenfield software development projects in diverse industries, enabling businesses to create value and achieve a strategic advantage by leveraging emerging technologies. He spends his “spare time” researching advances in artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Tony Bellas

Engagement with your people, empowering your people, nurturing your people – these are things that will not change in the rapidly changing digital age – but digital systems can be powerful enablers for you to engage with, empower and nurture your people.

Tony Bellas

Tony was appointed as Chairman in December 2016. He is also chairman of Corporate Travel Management Limited (ASX: CTD), ERM Power Limited (ASX: EPW), Shine Corporate Limited (ASX: SHJ), Novonix Limited (ASX: NVX) and the Endeavour Foundation.

He has had a commercial career of almost 30 years in both the public and private sectors. After a long career with Queensland Treasury, reaching the position of Deputy Under Treasurer, he moved to the energy industry and was Chief Executive of CS Energy Ltd and Ergon Energy Ltd . Tony subsequently became the CEO of the Seymour Group, one of Queensland’s largest privately owned investment and development companies.

Jamie Duffield

intelliHR is a young, dynamic team of HR experts with great technology focused on improving your biggest asset – your people. The platform, insights and performance enhancing tools are easy to use, powerful and effective.

Jamie Duffield
Non-executive Director

Mr Duffield has significant commercial operations, sales and business development experience in the enterprise technology industry. He is a founding partner and the current Chief Executive Officer of Revolution IT, a business focused on enterprise-level application and software testing, understanding how technology and build quality enhances customer relationships and drives profitability.

Greg Baynton

Boards and Key Management need access to timely, accurate information on their workforce and the organisation's general 'health' as a workplace. IntelliHR's powerful functionality and value-add to business has led me to join the Board of IntelliHR.

Greg Baynton
Non-executive Director

Mr Baynton has experience in investment banking, merchant banking, infrastructure investment, IPOs, public company directorships, Queensland Treasury, and the Department of Mines and Energy. Experienced in identifying technology innovations and growing companies, he was a founding Director of NEXTDC Limited (ASX: NXT), PIPE Networks (ASX: PWK), Asia Pacific Data Centre Limited (ASX: AJD), and Coalbank Limited (ASX: CBQ). Mr Baynton is currently a Director of telecommunication company Superloop Limited (ASX: SLC) and lithium-ion battery company Novonix Limited (ASX: NVX). Mr Baynton is also an executive director and founder of Orbit Capital Pty Ltd, holder of an Australian financial services licence.

Our Story

100% Organic

intelliHR is the product of many years of research and consulting to enterprises of all sizes and industries. They all had two priorities in common: people and performance. Working with these companies we found that there was no people data to analyse as there was no easy way for the business to track real-time performance, let alone help managers leadtheir teams. It was difficult for these businesses to make any evidence-based or data-driven decisions. They were not able to be responsive due to a lack of real-time information and they had no capabilities to be forward-looking with any confidence.

The build of intelliHR started with developing a comprehensive human capital management analytics framework. We wanted to provide a business intelligence dashboard that showed all the analytics and metrics that were important about people. Our customers were not analytics experts, so our software would become that for them. We travelled overseas to Canada, UK and the US and immersed ourselves in analytics communities to bring the best to our product

intelliHR was to bring all people information togetherin one place for the first time in every business. We turned our attention to building a secure, comprehensive, online record-keeping system powered by automation that streamlines people data management

People management is fast-evolving and businesses are thinking differently about people. Leaders recognise that people are their greatest asset and they need people-centric tools to empower, align and connect their staff. Continuous feedback, cascading goals, peer recognition and gamification are beginning to revolutionise employee experience in leading companies. We bring the latest, most innovative tools to our customers to keep them ahead of the curve

At its core, intelliHR is a people & technology company enabling our customers’ progression to strategic, data-driven people management. Technology has always been at the forefront of our company and is the key enabler. We continuously develop our software-as-a-service with new features and improvements driven by customer feedback and international thought leadership

Today, intelliHR is focussing on artificial intelligence and machine learning to add value to our customers. Our vision is to be the #1 people technology platform in the world, renown for transforming workplaces for the better, with a powerful fusion of inspired people management and data science. Our mission is to be the most valuable, addictive and must-have technology for every person, leader and enterprise worldwide


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